• How I Started

    I have been an avid outdoorsmen since I was five years old. My first hunting adventures consisted of hunting Rocky Mountain Elk with my Grandpa and Uncle. As well as hunting sage grouse, rabbits, and squirrels in Colorado.

    After years of being relocated and joining the military, I finally picked the tradition back up in 2017 at Fort Stewart, Ga where I harvested my first wild hog and White Tail Deer. After that, it kicked off.

    During my rotation to the Republic of South Korea, I decided that I wanted to pursue the adventure of YouTube. It all started to come together in the fall of 2022, after many years of attempting to film my adventures. Since then, most of my time in the woods has been with a camera and rifle chasing the deer of Georgia around.


Our goals are to provide Avid Outdoorsmen and women across the globe with plenty of entertainment and merchadise.